About Our Beginnings

From and early age , we were entrepreneurs. Quickly surpassing the traditional lemonade stand, our adolescent business ventures focused on leading tennis lessons for people of all ages. While tennis is fun, our ambition drove us to reach for higher aspirations. With our freshly minted marketing degrees from Eastern Illinois University, we set out to launch a company that leveraged our skills and talents to promote growth in our clients.

Trent & Grant Reiman
Founders | The Big Picture Social Media

The value creation of traditional marketing firms is undeniable; however, the scope of the advertising channels they use is so wide that innovation often runs stagnant. We wanted our clients to benefit from the fastest growing marketing platform, one that we were quite familiar with: social media. Combining our passions and areas of expertise—marketing, social media, and relationship building—we drafted a business plan for a company that would reimagine and reinvigorate the marketing outreach of its partners. That company operates today as The Big Picture Social Media.

About Our Team

As a digital marketing agency, we help our clients increase brand awareness by developing their online presence and social media outreach. We collaborate with businesses and nonprofit organizations both locally and nationwide based on a customized, flexible service package designed for the success of each client. Through our proprietary strategies, we maximize exposure, increase revenue, and support the achievement of each business’ unique goals. Our primary focus is social media marketing, but we work to integrate all your digital marketing channels for a total solution that guarantees a unified brand voice.

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About Your Business

Our ultimate goal is to make your business as successful as possible through our digital marketing outreach strategies. Social media is a critically important advertising platform that every organization must cultivate and grow. By partnering with The Big Picture, your marketing outreach will become more dynamic and robust; smarter strategic decisions will drive growth and, ultimately, will positively impact your bottom line. Whether your business is a small startup or a well-established part of your community, we will work as your ambassadors to promote every aspect of your business. A success for you is a success for us!