From an early age, we were entrepreneurs. Quickly surpassing the traditional lemonade stand, our adolescent business ventures focused on leading tennis lessons for people of all ages. While tennis is always fun, our ambition drove us to reach for higher aspirations. With our freshly minted marketing degrees from Eastern Illinois University, we set out to launch a company that leveraged our skills and talents to promote growth in our clients. The value creation of a marketing firm is undeniable; however, the scope of advertising platforms used by traditional marketing firms is so wide that innovation often runs stagnant. We realized we wanted our company to focus on marketing through a particular media, so we chose the one most familiar to us: social. By combining our areas of expertise, marketing and social media, we drafted up a business plan for a company that tangibly improves the social media marketing for its clients. That company operates today as The Big Picture Social Media.



We help businesses gain brand awareness through multiple social media marketing platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Through our proprietary strategies, we guarantee 200+ local and targeted followers a month. In addition to follower generation, we work heavily in content creation. As lifelong photographers, we utilize our experience to capture high quality photos of the products and experiences offered by our clients. Our content creation is not limited to photography; we create digital posters to advertise events and specials. With our prolific level of content creation, we are able to make several posts a week for our clients. Lastly, we offer 24/7 customer service to ensure absolute satisfaction.



Our ultimate goal is to make your business as profitable as possible through our marketing techniques and expertise. Social media is a critically important advertising platform that your business needs to fully utilize. Through a partnership with The Big Picture Social Media, your social media strategy will become more robust. Smarter strategic decisions will drive customer growth and sales and will positively affect your bottom line. As your ambassadors, we hope to personally promote your business. A success for you is a success for us.


Trent & Grant Reiman

Founders | The Big Picture Social Media


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